Leadership team


Elise Bigley (left) and Barbara Anthony (right)

About Elise Bigley:

I have been involved with sports in some capacity my entire life. I have seen and experienced firsthand the challenges faced by adult athletes to balance their work, family, and social lives while incorporating a positive outlet through sport. With my marketing background, my goal is to increase awareness about the various athletic opportunities available to women in Northeast Ohio and help organizations improve their recruitment, fundraising and sponsorship potential.

About Barb Anthony:

I am an independently licensed social worker and have a passion for building programs for vulnerable, underserved or under appreciated people. My hope in growing our network of team and provider organizations is to develop a stronger community-based presence for adult women who are interested in sport. Sport is community. Sport fosters skills that can be used in everyday life, and athletes at any level can be impactful members in their families, jobs and society.